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      Wuning Overview
        Situated at the conjunction area of Hunan, Hubei and Jiangxi provinces, Wuning County has a total area of 3,500.6 square kilometers, ranking 4th in Jiangxi. It enjoys the warm and humid subtropical monsoon climate with superb natural conditions and ecological beauties. Wuning has a history of over 1,800 years since its establishment as an official county in 199 AC.   Due to rapid economic and social development, Wuning County has been awarded 11 honorary titles, namely, “National Healthy County”, “National Ecological Demonstration Zone”, “Cultural Advanced County in China”, “China’s Excellent County on the Comprehensive Improvement of Urban Environment”, “ National Model Town on Civilization”, “ National Gard... more>>

        Wuning was Yihou’s territory in Shang Dynasty, and during the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period it belonged to the kingdoms of Wu, Yue and?Chu. Later,?Wuning?belonged to?Qin Dynasty?and Haihun of the Han?Dynasty?respectively in the 23rd year u...

        【Land Resources】Wuning County has relatively complete and well exposed stratums which have witnessed the changes of earth from Proterozoic era to Cenozoic era. Formed by a set of flysch (or flyschoid) of shallow-deep-sea facies in the mid Proterozoic, Shuangqiao Mountai...

        Wuning county is located in the northwest of?Jiangxi, extending?from 28° 52' 35″—29° 34' 29" N (about 77.4 kilometers wide) and 114°?28’17″--115° 26’ 34″ S (about 93.3kilometers long).?With an area of 3,506.6 square kilometers, it borders Ruichang, De’an an...

      Host: Party committee of Wuning County, people's Government of Wuning County
      Organizer: Information Work Office of Wuning County Government
      Website identification code: 3604230043      Gan Gong Wang an Bei no.36042302000103      SICPB No. 05006605
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