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        Wuning county is located in the northwest of?Jiangxi, extending?from 28° 52' 35″—29° 34' 29" N (about 77.4 kilometers wide) and 114°?28’17″--115° 26’ 34″ S (about 93.3kilometers long).?With an area of 3,506.6 square kilometers, it borders Ruichang, De’an and Yongxiu to the east, Xiushui to the south, and Yangxin and Tongshan of Hubei Province to the north.
        Wuning?enjoys a subtropical monsoon climate. Here, with a mild humid climate and shorter?frost season,?the four seasons are clear, namely, in spring it is modestly humid; in summer it is hot; in autumn it is dry and in winter it is cold.?The annual temperature is 16.6°?C, and its annual rainfall is 1488.3 mm, while the annual sunshine is 1700 hours.?Due to the effect of topography, there is much mountain fog.
      Host: Party committee of Wuning County, people's Government of Wuning County
      Organizer: Information Work Office of Wuning County Government
      Website identification code: 3604230043      Gan Gong Wang an Bei no.36042302000103      SICPB No. 05006605
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